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Give Those Microscopic Hitchhikers The Brush-Off

You might think your car or truck is clean. However, most drivers are carrying around a dirty little secret and don’t even know it. That’s why keeping the interior of your vehicle clean is important, especially for people with allergies.

« Keeping your vehicle interior clear of dust, liquids and other particles is one of the most overlooked areas of vehicle maintenance, » said Peter Lord, executive director, GM Service Operations. « Neglecting interior cleanliness can lead to health and sanitary concerns. »

Cleanliness in our kitchens, hotel rooms and restaurants has been a hot topic, but many people forget to take the simple steps needed to keep the interiors of their vehicle clean. This is particularly important given the amount of time most people spend in their vehicles. The average American generally spends up to 2.5 hours per day driving, according to a Yankelovich Monitor Study. That’s almost 38 days out of the year.

Allergens like pollen, as well as bacteria, are just some of the substances that invade our vehicles. Traveling with a pet can add hair and dander to the mix. In addition, residues from road dust, soot, pesticides, and other chemicals collect in car and truck interiors, entering through ventilation ducts or open windows and doors.

Here are a few tips to help eliminate these « invaders »:

• Use disinfectant to wipe down the steering wheel, instrument panel, door handles and other frequently used areas regularly. Remember to clean the interior of the vehicle each time you wash the outside.

• Keep interior surfaces clean by vacuuming seats, carpet and floor mats regularly.

• Replace your vehicle’s cabin air filter, if equipped, when recommended by the owner’s manual. If you drive in high-traffic or dusty areas, consider replacing the filter more often. The GM Goodwrench Cabin Air Filter blocks most allergens that enter a vehicle’s ventilation system.

• You may also ask your technician to clean and disinfect the air-conditioning system with a Cooling-Coil Coating. This product has an odor eliminator and inhibits the growth of odor-causing microorganisms.

But cleaning is about more than keeping the interior clean. Service items such as air filters, oil changes, fluids, brakes, windshield wipers and your air conditioner are also worth inspecting and/or replacing.

For extra confidence on the road, motorists can bring their vehicles to a GM dealership for a multipoint vehicle inspection. These inspections help identify service items that can help vehicles run better, last longer and retain their value.

The technicians are ASE-certified and nearly 7,000 dealerships nationwide offer the service.

What is a Multipoint

Vehicle Inspection?

Convenient, efficient, multipoint inspections are available for vehicles, comprehensive diagnostic testing and complete service capabilities to help customers keep their vehicles operating properly. Dealerships offer the following inspection services:

• Transmission, drive shaft and u-joints

• Radiator, heater and air-conditioning hoses

• Interior lights, exterior lamps, brake lamps, turn signals and hazard-warning lights

• Exhaust system

• Engine air cleaner filter

• Suspension and steering system components.

Goodwrench is the service brand for GM vehicles. With dealerships located nationwide, the GM Goodwrench network is one of the largest automotive service chains in the industry. The technicians receive specialized training to provide expert care for cars and trucks. Genuine replacement parts are manufactured to the exact specifications of the vehicle.

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